Dorothy Cox Fisher Award for Community Service

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Dorothy Cox Fisher Award for Community Service SuperSTARs

Those who received the Dorothy Cox Fisher Award for Community Service demonstrated a commitment to civic responsibility, concern for the community, and dedication to improving the quality of life for residents through volunteerism and public service activities.

1. Joy Haines and Ann Coyle are recognized for producing infant burial gowns from donated wedding dresses. Each tiny gown has angel wings sewn on. These gowns are often the last thing an infant wears before burial. They bring comfort and leave beautiful final images with the families. Some mothers who have received an angel gown now want to donate their own wedding gown to help someone else. To date, 89 beautiful burial gowns have been created. Thanks to Joy and Ann's efforts, beauty and healing emerge from the ashes of pain.

2. The Virtua Camden Girl Power Event Team is recognized for an event called "Girl Power" to improve Camden girls' self-worth and give them tools to create a brighter future. Forty-seven girls, ages 10 to 16, attended the event. Highlights included a keynote presentation and breakout sessions that addressed cyber-bullying, teen suicide, serious social issues, self confidence, planning goals, and career paths. The team includes Joan Gray, Lisa Smith, Tanya Norwood, Phyllis McCleese, Pam Gallus, Destiny Little, Alexis Newman, Jennifer Baptiste, Shekeya Coleman-Selden, and Amy Quick.

3. Practice Manager Susan Kaminski is recognized for introducing Soles4Souls, which creates sustainable jobs and improves lives by distributing shoes and clothing around the world. Shoes enable adults to work and children to attend school. They provide relief in developing nations, and help bridge economic disparities in the United States. Sue organized a major effort to collect shoes from Virtua Medical Group practices, resulting in the donation of more than 300 pairs of shoes. Sue and her team's great work with Soles4Souls says a lot about their commitment to community service.

4. Destiny Little-Wood is recognized for contributing to multiple events and activities, including programs focusing on domestic violence, healthy pregnancies, and empowerment of young women. She hosted a documentary film screening at a local theater to highlight the issue of domestic violence during pregnancy. Destiny has helped drive the Centering Pregnancy Program at Memorial's Center for Women, which teaches the importance of healthy habits. She helped host a teen empowerment event at Virtua Camden entitled "Girl Power." She also brought an event to Virtua Memorial called Teen Nursing Camp 2016. Nearly 40 area teens learned about paths to healthcare careers, with very positive responses from the kids and their parents. Destiny orchestrated a three-day event over the Christmas holidays, at a local home for women who are victims of domestic violence. And finally, Destiny operates her own not-for-profit called "DestinyBound," which mentors young women.

5. Jacqueline Miller is recognized for her work with Camp Oasis, a one-day camp for local youth, ages 8 to 18, who have a parent diagnosed with cancer. It's a relaxed day of activities, caring and sharing provided by cancer nurses, oncology social workers, and many other volunteers. Jackie and Virtua Foundation have raised more than $50,000 in funding. Camp Oasis has made a significant impact on the Penn Medicine Virtua Cancer Program, our patients and the community.

Congratulations to the finalists of the Dorothy Cox-Fisher Award for Community Service. They include Virtua's Visiting Paws Team (Diane Taylor and Tula, Ernie Leone and Olie, Gloria Roden and Rusty, Joel Krott and Shadrack, Trish Robinson and Jack, Jennifer Garrett and Daisy, Lynn Fryckberg and Hunter, Richard Worthington and Teddi, Michele Lebold and Greta, Anne Ciemnecki and Bessie, and Rosemary Leister and Rhys), Women Heart Champions (Sara McClain, Lynn Niblick, Michelle Scullion, and Joan Wisniewski), Marlton LECT Team (Michelle Alston, Tyheem Baker, Melissa Burns, Christi Cameron, Kristi Carr, Kathleen Dotter, Sarah Fuller, James Gordon, Lauren Gregg, Amanda Herndon, Kelly Hubbs, Toni Jones-Johnson, Jeny Joseph, Paris Langdon-Crabbe, Pam Lemma, David Loeb, Anna Maria Ognibene, Linda Paleczny, Pat Quigley, Trish Ruggieri, Natalie Rodriguez, Erin Sauer, Kathy Thomas, and Diane Young), Lynn Gross, CDC Alex's Lemonade Stand Committee (Amanda DeHaven, Justine Mayland, Kelly Eng, Taylor Mickle, and Brittany Hicks), Maria Franchio, Berlin Campus LECT Team (Catherine Salvati, Maryanne Bigwood, La Tania Redd, Lauren Kienholz, Laura Missan, Felicia Schwenke, Esther Sarpong, Mercedes Praul, and Kasie White), Run with the Docs Committee (Dr. Stacy McCrosson, Dr. Kim Bridges-White, Jamie Agunsday, Dr. Amy Zehnder, Dr. Ron Librizzi, and Ann Coyle), Maryann Mann, Virtua Volunteers Potentially Save the Lives of Two Youth Athletes (Maria Franchio, Kathleen Lado, Renee' Lombo, Denice Jackson, Paul Kasper, Erik Zafran, Jennie Sabatini, Bobbi Gray, Igor Koval, Kimberly Vicari, Lynn Davis, Jennifer Khelil, and Katherine Minuto).

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